How You Can Help



There are many ways for you to help Leo Rescue Canada to help Leos who are hoping for a second chance at a loving forever home.





As we have no control over when Leonbergers come to our rescue, it is impossible for us to pinpoint how long it will take for us to find the right Leo for you and your family.  History has shown that the more open you are to gender and age range, the more likely your chances of finding a dog quicker.  Although it is not unheard of, we very rarely receive puppies.


To speed up your chances for adoption, please click on this link and complete the Adoption Application Form so we can place you in our files for consideration when a dog becomes available. 


All adoptive families are subject to a home visit and personal interview by one of our experienced volunteers, prior to any dog being placed.





When dogs come into Leo Rescue Canada, it is important that the dogs spend some time in a foster home prior to being placed in their new homes.  Since this provides an opportunity to evaluate the health, temperament, and general conditions of the dog, as well as determine any behavioural challenges that may be present, fostering is an extremely important and rewarding responsibility. 


If you would like to open your heart and home to be a foster home, please click on one of these links and complete the Foster Care Form.  ( pdf file / Word file )





Help is sometimes needed to transport rescued dogs to and from homes, shelters, kennels, and veterinarian appointments.  Sometimes this means driving a dog across town, while at other times driving to a new home hundreds of kilometers away.  If you are able to help, please contact us.





Volunteering can take on many forms.  In addition to fostering and helping transport Leos, help is needed in other areas, such as fundraising activities and providing public education at dog shows, performance events, etc.  If you prefer, volunteers are also needed to contact shelters and veterinarian clinics to act as a local contact for Leo Rescue Canada.   


In the case of those of you familiar with the breed standard, you can volunteer to visit shelters and clinics where a Leo is suspected of being held and help in the identification process.  


Please select one of the file formats and fill out our Volunteer Form.  ( pdf file / Word file )




Please Consider a Donation


Click on this link to go the Donations page of this website