FAQ's for Leo Rescue Canada


Where do the Leos in rescue come from?


The Leos we get into rescue come to us from many different sources.  They may come to us from shelters or veterinary clinics.  They can come to us as a result of a broken home, death of the owner, illness, financial hardship, or job transfer.  Sometimes they are found abandoned or hurt and are turned over to us by the person who found them.  But many also come to us because they are problem dogs in that they have not been trained or socialized, or have medical conditions that require on-going veterinary care.  In other words, our Leos come to us under a variety of circumstances.



How long will I have to wait to get a Leo from Leo Rescue Canada?


This will depend upon availability.  The nature of rescue being what it is, dogs can become available at a moment's notice.  We do not, however, place our dogs on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis.  We evaluate each dog and do our best to match the dog based on its needs and how well the prospective adopter will be able to meet those needs.



Can we pick our own dog?


Since each dog that comes into rescue is evaluated for health and temperament, it is best if Leo Rescue Canada's Co-ordinators determine the best home for each individual dog.  Placements are made by considering any on-going therapy, training and medical care required by each dog.  In all cases, however, the decision must be made with the brain, not the heart.  For example, some dogs are not used to other pets or children, which is why we will not place a rescue dog in a home where it may be faced with challenges it is not capable of handling.  While we are unable to make any guarantees given the limited history we have on some of the dogs turned over to us, we do our best to match the right dog to the right home.



Can we get a puppy?


It is very seldom that puppies end up in rescue.  The majority of dogs in rescue are mature and have emotional and/or physical baggage that need to be addressed.



How much does a Leo from Leo Rescue Canada cost?


Our adoption fees vary depending on the age and health of the dog, and are determined to enable us to recover some of our costs for the dogs in our care, as well as to provide the best care possible for dogs that come into Leo Rescue Canada in the future.



What if the Leo we adopt doesn't work out in our family?


Many of the dogs we get at Leo Rescue Canada have had their trust in humans broken, which is why the Rescue Committee makes every effort to make sure the dogs are paired appropriately with the right family.  The dogs are evaluated and worked with to enable us to learn as much as possible about them and help us place them in a suitable home based on their individual needs.


Prospective adopters are required to complete a detailed questionnaire.  ( Link to Adoption Application Form )   In addition to this, prospective adopters are subject to an in-home visit and interview by one of our Rescue Co-ordinators.


Despite all the hard work that goes into finding the right home for each dog, sometimes things just don't work out.  For this reason, we give all adoptive families an initial trial period.  If during this time you find your new friend is not a good fit for you, the dog must be returned to Leo Rescue Canada.  Bear in mind though that trust issues are a huge problem with most rescues and it may take lots of love, patience and time before your dog starts to feel like a member of the family.


Please click here "Adoption Info / Helpful Tips" to find out how you can help your new friend settle in to her new life as smoothly as possible.



Where are the dogs that come into Leo Rescue Canada housed while they are awaiting placement in their new homes?


Following a veterinary check-up, our dogs are put into foster care where they can be evaluated relative to their temperament and general conditions, as well as any behavioural challenges that may be present.  Unfortunately, we are limited in the number of dogs we can help by our ability to place them in suitable foster homes.  


If you would like to open your heart and home to a Leonberger in need of temporary housing, please complete our Foster Care Form  ( pdf file / Word file ).



If you have questions that have not yet been answered, please email us at info@LeoRescueCanada.com    We are happy to respond to all inquiries.